Property in Omicron 2 Greater Noida

Here, we will know about property in omicron 2 Greater Noida

and what are the current rates of Greater Noida Authority build-up houses in Omicron – 2 Greater Noida?

Property in Omicron 2 Greater Noida’s Villa Plots Flats Current Rates

Omicron 2 Greater Noida Authority Villa’s Current Price/Rate 2022:

90 SQM Greater Noida Authority Current Rates : 65 Lac to 70 Lac

120 SQM Greater Noida Authority Plots Current Rates : 82 Lac to 90 Lac

250 SQM Greater Noida Authority Current Rates : 1.52cr to 1.60cr

500 SQM Greater Noida Authority Current Rates : 2cr to 2.4cr

House for sale in Sector Omicron II, Greater Noida, Residential Plots / Land for Sale in Omicron 2.

Independent Houses for Sale in Omicron II Greater Noida, Property in Omicron 2 Greater Noida,

And what size build-up houses are there in Omicron-2 or some people also call them villas or independent houses?

Distance Omicron 2 Greater Noida from Pari Chowk

Omicron- 2 is at a distance of about 7.9 kms from Pari Chowk and it takes 10 to 11 minutes to reach.

There is a lot of greenery in Omicron-2, there are many trees and plants, the whole sector is green.

Property in Omicron 2 Greater Noida

In Omicron-2 you can find Buildup houses of Greater Noida Authority

or some people also call them villas of size 90 SQM, 120 SQM, 250 SQUARE METERS and 500 SQUARE METERS.

You can see their rate and ability nowadays by going to the description of the video. Omicron-2 is on 130 wide meter road, which comes directly from Noida via Gaur Chowk.

Property in Omicron 2 Greater Noida

With this, your connectivity to other cities of Ghaziabad, Noida, Dadri, Eastern Peripheral Expressway becomes very easy.

Lots of people are preferring to take their Houses in this sector. Just because of theirproximity of DMIC and Eastern Peripheral Expressway, greenery and cleanliness of the sector,

This sector is maintained very well by its RWA of Omicron 2.

Their are four sizes are available in Omicron-2 Greater Noida:

90SQ meters in D block

120 SQ meters in C block

250 SQ meters in B block and 500 SQ meters in A block by the Greater Noida Authority .

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